Last Thursday on Feb 11, 2021, together as a collective, we have experienced a very powerful New Moon in Aquarius. At the time of the new moon we had SEVEN planets in Aquarius.

Well, what does all this mean?!?

The New Moon in a spiritual context represents both death and rebirth. In addition to this huge Aquarius energy that came in, you may have experienced a lot of mental activity.

For this week’s Oracle Card Reading for the Collective, I used the Whispers of Healing Oracle Card Deck by Angelina Hatfield. I used the traditional three card pull. The first card representing the recent past, the second representing the present, and the third card represents the future.

For the first card that I pulled was Sensitivity. It feels to me like some deep inner reflection of the past. I feel like this could be related to old thought patterns and beliefs that are coming to the surface to be released. This card is a reminder to youto dig a little deeper into your soul and expose the pain of the past. To heal, to forgive, and to shift from the darkness to the light. Be kind and patient with yourself.

Hydrate was the second card that came flying out of my hand. I’m assuming because we all really need to hear this message. This card is a reminder to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Spirit really wanted me to emphasize on hydrate. As we are all experiencing this beautiful and intense energy, it is sooooooooo important to make ure that we are drinking high quality H2O. There have been scientific studies that shows water is essential for our bodies and we need water to flush out any toxins in the body. So drink up my friend.

Last but not least, the last card I pulled for this week was the Self-Love card. This card feels to me like many of us have been ignoring the massages and signs that we have been receiving. Spirit wanted me to let you know to “Slow Down.” You have been ignoring your need. It almost feels like busy energy, like you are trying to keep yourself busy . I had a vision of a person with their back turned away from something. It feels like you don’t want to acknowledge this because it feels like you think this is a step back. When in actuality when we recognize, accept, and move on helps us all to shift forward. This energy also feels related to a childhood experience. As I was writing this, I heard the words, “Allow yourself to feel.” I feel that there is some deep sadness within that needs to be expressed. I was told to make your self-care a PRIORITY. “Rest my child.” I also had a vision of an epsom salt bubble bath with candles nearby and some music. This represents the need for an energy clearing.

Spirit as wanted me to end this piece with following message:

“Self care is a practice, it will not be perfect so be kind and compassionate towards yourself as you travel along this journey to SELF-LOVE!”

Does this message resonate with you?

I’d love to hear your comments and please share this message with others.

In love, light, and wisdom may you journey well!

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